Elmar Corporation Lawn Sprinkler Services

We provide all these services to homes and businesses in the Idaho Falls, Southeast Idaho and Jackson Hole, Wyoming areas. Get in touch with us for a bid!

Lawn Sprinkler Installation

We provide custom sprinkler installation, both for commercial and residential properties. We will give you an estimation for your approval. On all new installations we offer free estimates!

Lawn Sprinkler Activation & Winterization

We'll stop by to make sure your sprinkler system will be safe during cold winter months and return to turn them on in the spring.

Lawn Sprinkler Repair

Even if it's a system we didn't put in, we'll help you repair anything from a busted head to a busted pipe.

Backflow Testing

If you're worried about your backflow water being contanimated with toxins or anything else harmful, we're also certified for backflow testing.